We help people to get the best out of themselve. DailyPerform is our professional online training system. Are you ready to stand out of the crowd? We are here to help you.


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Combining a full-time job, children and a career as a (top) athlete can be quite hard to manage. The good news is that’s why we’ll help you find a training schedule that perfectly suits you. No pre-chewed schedule, but a tailor-made plan that can be adjusted where necessary. We created DailyPerform to help you make a change and feel stronger. You can use DailyPerform anywhere and at any time. Get coached by an Olympian athlete now. You’re going to rock!

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Before we start off, we get acquainted and map the possibilities and goals. Through this discussion, it will become clear whether or not a lactate measurement can be a good criterion to develop your training schedule and follow up on you. Through our online professional online training system (DailyPerform), we keep each other informed about your progress and keep your sports diary updated. Since personal contact is of paramount importance to us, we will regularly contact you through our online training platform (DailyPerform), e-mail or WhatsApp.


How does it work?

We are here to help you.


You can make an account on DailyPerform. You will get a coach who will guide you to the trainingsplatform with simple questions. When you have defined your goal together & the tailor-made plan is made, you are ready to rock!



Our self-developed online training system

DailyPerform is our self-developed professional online training system. On the platform, you will be coached by top athletes with a 100% success warranty. Through DailyPerform, you will receive a personalized training schedule, tailor-made specialized exercises and guaranteed progression. In the dashboard, you will see an overview of the progress that you’ve achieved so far. Are you ready?

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Step 1: Create your DailyPerform account

Register your DailyPerform account with your name, e-mailadres, phone number, username and password.

Step 2: Login with your account

Login with your e-mailadress and password. You will be automatically logged in after the registration.

Step 3: Give us the information we need

Before we can connect you to the right coach, we need some critical information. Fill in your goals and information.

Step 4: Subscribe to your coaching plan

Subscribe to your coaching plan in your profile. If you pay you get access to all the features in DailyPerform.

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